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When you schedule Jeff Steinberg - Masterpiece In Progress for your next special event, you’ll see and hear him tell his amazing life story with humor and warmth; how in spite of his apparent “Physical Disabilities”, he has discovered what it means to be a “Masterpiece In Progress.”

The acceptance and application of these Biblical principles will promote personal achievement commensurate with ability, regardless of the task.

Speaking Topics


“All That I Can Be...” - Each of us, by birth and/or development, possesses both the potential for success and the equal potential to derail that success. A major key to achieving personal goals lies in the discovery of the “unique design” that is “ME” – positives and negatives, strengths and weaknesses, abilities and “disabilities” – then shaping my future to take full advantage of that design. Recognizing, acknowledging and ultimately embracing, “all that I am” provides the foundation for me to become “all that I can be.” From that beginning, the path to personal and professional growth is marked by a series of specific affirmations. The acceptance and application of these principles will promote achievement commensurate with ability, regardless of the task.


“How Handicapped Am I??” - Everyone has limitations. To deny or even question the validity of this statement is an unrealistic presumption about myself and others. The danger to self-actualization lies in accepting those limitations as “handicaps” – unconquerable obstacles which forever condemn the possessor to failure. By redefining the word “handicap” as “anything which keeps me from being or becoming all that I was created to be,” we discover that the things which truly hinder us are seldom easily discerned or readily perceptible. Replacing the myths we accept about our apparent limitations with a realistic understanding of what truly prevents success provides a vehicle to personal and professional fulfillment.


The Jeff Steinberg Story


Masterpiece in Progress book by Jeff SteinbergJeff Steinberg’s inspirational autobiography, Masterpiece In Progress, tells the whole story of Jeff's life; his struggles and his triumphs; how in spite of his apparent “Physical Disabilities,” he has learned that “...the difficult we do right away - the impossible takes a little longer!”   Read his amazing autobiography, and you’ll discover what it means to be a “Masterpiece In Progress!”

Buy the book Masterpiece In Progress here or from at Published and distributed worldwide by New Leaf Press.


Jeff Steinberg's story is an incredible, inspiring demonstration of the eternal and invincible nature of God's Spirit in each of us. Jeff is the Rocky of the "handicapable". - Pat Boone


Tough and tenacious, Jeff Steinberg is a survivor. Breaking through into a life for himself and his family, he left behind the crumbled walls of fear, ignorance, and pity. The journey, tough as it has been, is not over. Jeff Steinberg's masterpiece is still in progress. - Joni Eareckson Tada


Jeff Steinberg teaches how to make it on grit, gumption, God, and an indomitable will to overcome severe physical limitations. - Zig Ziglar

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