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Mr. Jeff Steinberg was a presenter at our conference in Panama City Beach, Florida and gave an outstanding presentation. His story of his life, the songs he sang, even the jokes he told, portrayed an amazingly strong person! His entire presentation was very well received by our attendees as was evident by his gracious reception of them after his address.


Mr. Steinberg had traveled all night to get to the venue and had no sleep but still was able to provide us with a wonderful, theme appropriate program. I, for one, was very impressed and humbled by his story and I took away a strong message that i will carry throughout my life! God makes no mistakes!


Thank you Jeff Steinberg!


Evelyn Cox
CANAR - Coalition of Administrators for Native American Rehabilitation

Redmond, OR

It was a great pleasure and blessing to have you and Abraham with us last
evening. The program presentation in song, humor and testimony was
certainly a great blessing and inspiration to all of us in attendance.
Thank you both for reminding us that God is the One Who tells us who and
what we are and that His plans for us are greater than any plan of man.
You helped us remember that we are all God's masterpieces in progress and
that He has uniquely, fearfully and wonderfully made us all with a special
mission to reveal His glory in and through our lives.


God bless you Jeff. We look forward to seeing you again as God allows.




Major Don Smith
Administrator for The Salvation Army
Washington/Suburban MD Adult Rehabilitation Center


Thank you so much for making "fearfully and wonderfully made" such an exciting display of God's grace and mercy for our men! Your ministry touched all of our hearts in a very powerful way. Thank you Jeff for being YOU, and letting the world know "God is good all the time!"


Major Mike Vincent
Administrator for The Salvation Army
Northern Virginia Adult Rehabilitation Center

Alexandria, VA

I wanted to take this opportunity to share my appreciation and endorsement of the ministry of Jeff Steinberg. We just hosted him and his team once again here at Millersburg Assembly of God, and he was a blessing to our people in many ways.


Jeff provides a great time of ministry, especially as he sits and shares his powerful story leading from the challenges following his birth, childhood, and the events of his life leading to many years of faithful ministry. I know it sounds cliche', but we laughed and we cried as he shared his story and as he sang, our hearts were moved with love of God, love of Country, and love for one another.

If you are looking for a unique ministry that will touch and bless people of all ages, then I encourage you to consider this "Tiny Giant", Jeff Steinberg!


Norman Lawrence, Lead Pastor
Millersburg Assemby of God
Millersburg, PA


It seems like a lifetime ago that we first connected. I think Glenn took me to a concert in Lansdowne (or was it Lansdale?) where you were singing. Anyway, we're still connected.

Thanks for being with us at the Rosen Centre for AGRM's 2012 Convention. Your testimony is still as powerful as it was when I first heard you. And our attendees appareAssociation of Gospel Recue Missionsntly thought so too. Your session rated very high in the Convention survey. As we thought, it was a perfect way to end the event.

Thank you, Jeff, for your faithfulness to The Lord and your friendship over so many years. Stay in touch.

Mr. John Ashmen, President
Association of Gospel Recue Missions
Colorado, Springs, CO 80919

It has been an honour to be part of Jeff Steinberg’s ministry in the UK in recent years. His ministry in churches, schools, prisons and to other groups is both professional yet sensitive to the occasion. He has a message of hope for everyone and is an inspiration to many. He has become a good friend and I commend him to you.”

Rev. Rob Carter, Director
Missionary Ventures Great Britain
Drake Street, Rochdale OL16 1PB, ENGLAND UK

Thank you so much for your ministry last night. I can tell you it was well received. A long time since I saw a standing ovation in church. Reports are very favorable and people were blessed, because the church is feeling sore with the recent shocks of the loss of some good workers. God bless you all. Love to all the team.

In Him,
Rev. Jim Neill, Vicar / Pastor
St. Ann with Emmanuel Church
Nottingham, ENGLAND UK

’Those who weren't there really missed out.’ That was the common opinion of members of the local congregation and community in and around Eglinton Presbyterian Church here in North Belfast, following a concert and church service led by The Jeff Steinberg Team in April 2007.

It's true that we are all uniquely crafted by God's divine hand, but it is fair to say that in so many ways Jeff Steinberg is uniquely unique.” A gifted communicator in the spoken word and in song, Jeff is able to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all ages in ways that make them sit up and listen. His sense of humor - in which he often laughs at himself - is infectious!

We were delighted when over our weekend with Jeff one 17 year old committed his life to Christ.  Many more (old and young) were moved, often to tears, by his ministry.

Jeff's school ministry was something to behold, holding the attention of hundreds of (normally cynical!) teenagers as he told them, in word and song, his life story and of his coming to faith. The Tiny Giant made an impact that was giant rather than tiny.

We are hoping he will return often. In the meantime if he's where you are then don't be numbered among those who miss out!

Colin Morrison, Minister
Eglinton Presbyterian Church

Jeff Steinberg went down very well with our people His well communicated message was inspiring, challenging and delivered with humor, sensitivity and music. A good outreach as well as ministering to believers.

Rev. Brian Grist, Pastor
Carlisle City Church
Carlisle,  ENGLAND UK

It is with great pleasure that I recommend to you Jeff and Ellen Steinberg, their anointed music ministry and their dynamic testimony for Jesus Christ! I have known The Steinbergs for quite a number of years and have been blessed by this ministry, and am amazed at how God has used them to touch thousands of lives. Jeff Steinberg not only is talented with a wonderful voice but also has a unique ability to share the challenge of Jesus, that God has a design and an opportunity for everyone; and because of his unique abilities and handicaps, he brings home a powerful message of restoration and transformation that only God can do. Ellen Steinberg’s passion for Prayer and her compassion for those folks who are hurting from abuse, broken lives gives her a gift for touching hearts with a message of God’s healing wounded lives and redemption for the Lost. You will be pleased to have Jeff Steinberg and his Team come and minister to your congregation. They are very special people of God.”

Blake Lorenz,
Sr. Pastor
Pine Castle United Methodist Church
Orlando, FL

Jeff is, as he describes himself, a Masterpiece in Progress. His gift of uplifting and challenging others to come alive no matter what, gives hope and new or renewed faith in God. I guarantee that Jeff will be a spiritual blessing to any congregation.”

Pastor John A. Bryant
First United Methodist Church
Punta Gorda, FL

Jeff is an individual that will encourage, challenge and inspire you to go beyond your limitations and participate in life as a victor instead of a victim. The last time Jeff was with us in a Sunday service was the morning we learned that one of our own had been killed in combat. Jeff was up to the challenge and used of the Lord to minister to a very needy congregation that morning. I would enthusiastically recommend Jeff to your church.

Pastor Jerry R. Helman
Brookside Ministries Church
Shamokin Dam, PA

 It was the first time we met Jeff and Ellen and the evening will always remain with us. It was an inspiring,
joyful and moving experience. Jesus was at the heart of Jeff’s message. His testimony was one of God’s grace & hope; his songs reinforced the goodness of God. We laughed and cried and were all challenged to face the difficult paths we tread through our journey in life. It was so good to sing and pray and worship the Lord together. It was a night of great encouragement and we fully recommend to everyone this wonderful couple and their unique ministry. God is so good and as Jeff teaches – “All the time!”.


Pastor Mike Edwards
Bethel Baptist Church
Bedwas, Caerphilly, SOUTH WALES UK  
“I couldn't think of a better name for Jeff Steinberg than the Tiny GIANT. While small in stature he leaves a gigantic, positive effect through his ministry of singing, speaking and humor. He's highly recommenCci_logoded as someone who leaves his audiences with the overwhelming sense that anyone can live a productive Christian life regardless of their circumstances.

Bob Kobielush
President, Christian Camp and Conference Association
Colorado Springs, CO

We thoroughly enjoyed having Jeff Steinberg come and minister in our Senior Adult Chapel. Jeff has the ability to reach his audience and our Seniors responded in a positive way. The gift of music and ministry that Jeff brings is significant but the strength of his message is in the example he sets, refusing to see obstacles as barriers and challenging people to embrace what God has given, investing in others. From the moment he walks out on the platform, his testimony brings hope that demolishes the stronghold of excuse. I highly recommend the ministry of Jeff Steinberg. His unique abilities, calling, and anointing are without question.

Rev. Randy Brock
Senior Adult Pastor
Victory Church A/G
Lakeland, FL

“Thank you so much Jeff and Ellen for coming to Glenvale Church of God. I can not begin to tell how greatly you blessed our congregation. The Steinberg Ministry Team's presentation REALLY touched our folks. They came expecting to hear some good music. But, the evening consisted of far more than music. Your humor, songs and most importantly your message and the words from Ellen reached deep into the hearts of the people. The Spirit of God was so present and so precious! We look forward to your return next year. and for many years to come.
Rev. Larry Hale
Glenvale Church of God
Marysville, PA

 Jeff Steinberg has been a great inspiration to the pro-life movement. Through his talent, humor and spirit, Jeff speaks volumes on the challenges and joys of life. He is truly an overcomer. Anyone who meets Jeff will walk away knowing that nothing is impossible and that there are no excuses. Through Jeff, God has revealed a truly Tiny Giant!

AzRTL-Logo03Shane Wikfors
Executive Drector
Arizona Right To Life
Phoenix, AZ  

“Jeff has a unique way of bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to every age group. His ability to mesh humor with the serious message of Christ appeals to all audiences. Our youth and ministry leaders enjoyed him immensely. I highly recommend him to your church or national events.

Reggie Powers

Director of Youth Ministries
Pentecostal Church of God
Joplin, MO

“I met Jeff early in his ministry and was impressed with his love for the Lord, his positive attitude, solid voice and his ability to captivate an audience.

Recently, I had the opportunity to reconnect with he and his wife, Ellen when they presented a concert at our Church. His voice hasn't changed, but most of all his positive spirit and love for His Lord have grown stronger.

I commend their ministry to you.”

Charles D. Zitzman, Former Pastor
Carlisle Baptist Church
Carlisle, PA

“It was wonderful having the opportunity to meet you both. Thank you for taking time out of your schedules to visit Greater Grace Church and Heritage Christian Academy. Jeff, the children were inspired by your zeal and love for Jesus Christ. Your Ministry truly shows that we are all unique masterpieces with a unique purpose no matter what kind of situations we are in. Thank you for sharing your gift of music as well as evangelism with our Church body. The transparency you demonstrated when you shared your testimony touched many hearts. Ellen, we will keep you in our Prayers special as you move forward with your Prayer Ministry. We heard that was a sweet anointing when you shared your vision regarding intercessory Prayer. Lives are being changed because of people like you who encourage others in their walk with Jesus. May His richest fullest blessings be upon you special as you seek His face.

In Christ’s Love,

Rev. Jeff Wisot, Senior Pastor
Greater Grace Church
Newark, DE

 Jeff and Ellen Steinberg have ministered at the Nite Lite Gospel House every year for the past six years. The Steinbergs’ program goes far beyond that of a music ministry. It is truly a ministering experience that leaves the audience captivated by the awesome power of God. The message that we are all a Masterpiece In Progress drives home the truth that we can do all things through Christ Jesus. The Steinberg message is powerful, funny, heartfelt and life changing. I highly recommend the ministry of the Steinbergs for all audiences young and old alike.

nite lite gospel house02Because Of Calvary,
Rev. Ronald M. Pinkerton

Nite Lite Gospel House
Bath, New York

Jeff Steinberg is the tiny GIANT with the heart for ministry. I've known Jeff for twenty-five years. Every church that I have pastored Jeff has shared his very special and unique Ministry. He has made us laugh; he has made us cry - he has made us think and left our people with a positive attitude about our abilities, opportunities, and even our Calling. As a result of his Ministry in our communities, Jeff has also been invited to perform concert Assemblies in the local High Schools. The response from the students and faculty has been staggering. The changed lives because Jeff reflected Jesus, and the realization that God sees a Masterpiece in each one of them is priceless.

I wholeheartedly recommend him to the body of Christ and to any secular organization that needs an intense motivated singer and speaker. When Jeff begins to sing you forget about the handicaps and focus in on what God has done in him. You begin feeling that if God can do that in Jeff he certainly can perform His wonders in us.

Jeff is fearfully and wonderfully made. I thank God for the man Jeff Steinberg I pray that God gives him many more years of touching the lives of people. He is an anointed singer and you can tell from the moment he opens his mouth to sing his praises to his Jehovah God.

David A. Moore, Senior Pastor
First United Methodist Church
Nashville, AR

I thought JESUS JAM 2003 was a great success. The feedback that I have gotten is wonderful. It was also great getting to know you and your wife and sharing our testimonies and ministering together. Hopefully our paths will cross again somewhere down the road. Thanks again for your ministry and your friendship. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Because of Him,
Tracy Myers
Jesus Jam 2003
Winston-Salem, NC

What a joy it was to have you both with us this past Sunday. I know I speak for all those who were there
the presence of God was very evident and real to us.

God is so faithful in giving His people the message we need to hear, as well as sending the right messenger
to declare His Word.

On behalf of the Lighthouse church family, I want to express my deep appreciation for your obedience to
The Holy Spirit in sharing your special gifts with us. Thank you for giving of yourselves in such a beautiful and sacrificial way and with such a sweet spirit...

Our prayer is that God will continue to enrich and bless you and your ministry endeavors.

Sincerely Grateful,

Pastor John Wiley
Lighthouse Christian Fellowship
Pennsburg, PA

 Thank you so much for your ministry at the Cobleskill Wesleyan Church. You made us laugh and cry and inspired us to find God's perfect will for our lives. There have been live here that have changed forever.

We look forward to having you again and will highly recommend you to our fellow churches and friends. You have a wonderful message of hope that comes from the grace of God.

You are an inspiration and I count it a privilege to call you a brother and friend. May God continue to bless you and your wife in the ministry God has called you to do.

Thank you again,


In His honor,

Rev. Scott Thompson
Cobleskill Wesleyan Church
Cobleskill, New York

 We have had Jeff Steinberg and his wife Ellen twice at our church and we were blessed both times. Jeff has used his handicap as a springboard for ministry to the body of Christ. Most particularly he was a help to people with a tendancy to depression in our fellowship. In addition he ministered at our church the Sunday after 911 and showed flexiblity in his program and sensitivity to the needs of our church in a very difficult time. Jeff was uniquely suited to talk to our people about suffering with integrity as he has overcome so much himself. We were grateful to the Lord and to Jeff for his ministry.

Should you invite The Steinberg Ministry Team to minister to your people, I know that God will use him to build up the body.

Yours in Christ's service,

Pastor Russell Carle
Portsmouth Advent Christian Church
Portsmouth, NH

I have known Jeff Steinberg for over 20 years. He has been in a number of my churches for special services. Each service has been outstanding! He communicates with the people in both music and testimony. You can expect a powerful service and for your people to love his ministry.
It is a joy to recommend Jeff to you without reservation.

Charles Kirby, Senior Pastor
Lake Gibson Church of the Nazarene
Lakeland, FL

On behalf of the students and staff at Mazie Gable Elementary School I thank you for the inspirational message you shared at the assembly program on September 16, 2002. Each and everyone in attendance listened intently to your message through song, humor, and powerful words. Today more than ever before children need words of hope and encouragement that help them understand they CAN BE, MUST BE, and SHALL BE successful in what lies ahead.

I do appreciate that after a busy weekend and the anticipation of a busy week to come, you were able to spend the morning with our students. We wish you well in the future. Perhaps we can arrange a return engagement and I will have air-conditioned comfort to offer for your visit!

Sincerely yours,

Susan B. Dunham, Principal
Mazie Gable Elementary School
Red Lion, PA


 I want to say thank you to Jeff Steinberg & Tiny Giant support team for all that you went through to make the concert at Solomon's Porch Coffeehouse happen; we caught a glimpse of the Father's heart in a new light. All of the feedback I have received so far has confirmed that those in attendance were profoundly touched by your ministry, throughout the entire evening's show I sensed an intensity of God's Holy Spirit that I have not often experienced. Our Lord continues to affect my heart and adjust my attitude by those things you shared. The “uniquely-abled “ young man that you spent extra time with also spoke of a breakthrough in areas of his life that he had not allowed anyone to get to before - this alone justifies in my heart and mind any expense involved in your visit!

Bob Wasson,
Solomon's Porch Coffeehouse
Kinderhook, NY

Jeff and Ellen Steinberg became an excellent instrument of the Holy Spirit in ministry to our congregation.
Our hearts were stirred and we were encouraged as the beautiful music and testimonies were shared.
I commend them as very effective servants of the church.

Bill Newby, Senior Pastor
Central Assembly of God
Raytown, MO

“I highly recommend Jeff for an exciting concert. You will laugh...cry...worship...celebrate. His ministry touches all ages. For almost twenty years, our friendship has deepened with concerts every 2 - 3 years.


Tom Mixon, Former Senior Pastor
Church of The Nazarene
Dinuba, CA

 “Just a note to express my thanks and the thanks of the people of Zion's for your powerful ministry among us Saturday night. Again and again on Sunday morning the folks who were there were commenting on how they enjoyed you and were inspired by you. The suggestion I heard, which matched some of my own thoughts, was to have you here on a Sunday morning next time. It felt really good to laugh as hard as I laughed during your program and, again, at the diner. You are such a blessing!”

Mike Frost, Pastor
Zion Stone Church
Pottsville PA

Jeff Steinberg has been a friend for decades. He has recorded and shared many of my songs and has made them live for thousands of people in hundreds of places like nobody else could. I’ve watched Jeff start from scratch a number of times with a new audience, then one hour later, they were putty in his ‘hand’ (hook). God uses him to shake strong mind-sets, to move, motivate and inspire people.

Gordon Jensen, Singer/Composer/Recording Artist
Nashville, TN

Jeff Steinberg first ministered with me when I was Minister of Music at Pine Castle U.M.C. in Orlando, FL in 1981. That was an incredibly memorable day as our congregation witnessed a man, a Tiny Giant, who had overcome just about the most debilitating circumstances a person can have. And he was (and is) gloriously victorious.

Our people gave Jeff a standing ovation as a tribute not only for his great presentation,
but also for the power of God’s Holy Spirit and His grace and mercy.  Since 1981, Jeff has ministered at our church an additional 5-6 times. Each time he has brought a fresh revelation from the Lord; sharing how God has used him to “set the captives free” and to proclaim His love. We have used Jeff in different settings; Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday, July 4th All-American Celebration, etc.

He is always well received.  Jeff is fun, funny, well spoken, and a true gentleman. He is also my friend.
I have often told him that his voice sounds very much like Neil Diamond.  Ellen Steinberg brings an added dimension to the Steinberg ministry. Her testimony about being an over comer as a wife and woman of God will encourage your church, especially the ladies.  When we want to give our Choir and Worship Team a break, or when our people need a special dose of encouragement, Jeff Steinberg is the man we call.  I recommend The Steinbergs to you.

Tom Drick
, Retired Music Minister
Tarpon Springs, FL

I would like to reccommend the ministry of Jeff and Ellen Steinberg to any church or Christian conference.
 They have been at our church on several occasions and present a Ministry program that evidences Christ
 in their lives. Jeff's music is professional, dedicated, and inspiring.

The Steinbergs' bring encouragement, and the spirit of an overcomer to the audience.
Once again the message that Christ can bring usefulness and develop genuine talent from
any circumstances rings clear. Have them soon. You won't be disappointed.

Bob Parmley
Lenoir Community Church
Lenoir, NC

Since meeting Jeff Steinberg in the 70's, he has Challenged, Inspired, Enabled and Empowered people of all ages, races, creeds in every city where I have pastored. While times and music genre's within and without the church have dramatically changed, Jeff's LIFE, PERSONA, MUSIC and message that everyone is ‘A Masterpiece in Progress’ is more relevant today than ever before.

Jon Gray, Retired
Covenant Fellowship
A Church of the Nazarene
Mount Juliet, TN.

I write to affirm the gifts and commend Jeff Steinberg... one of the most unique witnesses I’ve known. He is an excellent musician, add to that a powerful testimony of the overcoming goodness of God and you have a combination that is unbeatable.

Dr. Maxie Dunnam,
Retired President
Asbury Theological Seminary,
 Wilmore, KY

Do you find it as hard to have someone minister to your congregation that you’ve not been previously exposed to? In order to avoid disasters, I have made it a rule to never invite anyone to my pulpit that I have not personally heard. Fortunately I had heard Jeff Steinberg sing at our District Conferences so I knew his singing was both professional and annointed. On the other hand, I had never been exposed to his congregational or concert ministry. It’s one thing to sing a solo during an offering, and quite another to carry the weight of a Service and minister the Word. Wow! Was I pleasantly surprised!

Our congregation was both enthusiastic and effusive in their response to Jeff. What makes The Steinberg’s Ministry unique is that he has such a powerful voice and of course that’s not unusual in itself, if it weren’t for the fact that Jeff’s “handicap” and disabilities make it virtually impossible for so much voice to come out his small disabled frame. Everything about Jeff will both amaze and inspire you.

Our people came out of the meeting saying, “No more excuses! If Jeff can do what he does with his limited faculties, so can I.”   We have committed to having the ministry of Jeff & Ellen Steinberg back on a regular basis.

Just as Churches are beginning to open up to the need for racial diversity in their Ministries, we also need to open up to the ministry of the diabled. What a reservoir of talent that remains hidden and most often unused. We in the Ministry should be the first to be responsive to this gifted segment with the Church. And Jeff represents them well. You’ll be blessed beyond measure by having Jeff & Ellen Steinberg minister to your people. Please let me know if you desire additional information. In the meantime, be blessed.

Rev. Larry Titus, Pastor
Fifth Avenue Community Church
Youngstown, OH

I met Jeff & Ellen Steinberg at a conference in Buffalo, New York in November 1999. After hearing him Jeff in person, I knew that we must have him at Falls First Assembly. We chose the Right to Life Sunday as a time to focus on those with physical disablilties and say to the community, you are welcome here. Jeff put on a concert that was more than music. It was ministry. I believe the words spoken by one of my men says it all . He said to me,‘ Pastor, The Steinbergs should be in every pulpt, every church in America.’ I agree.

I am asking you to prayerfully consider opening your doors to this ministry. You and your people will never be the same. I have invited them back next year again and look forward to many times together. God
bless you as we continue to serve the Lord together.

Mark Ford, Pastor
Falls First Assemby of God
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

It is my pleasure to support Jeff Steinberg. Jeff is an amazing, talented and very positive individual who has been able to overcome many obstacles in life that others would find difficult to face. He has visited our hospital on numerous occasions and has shared his talents with our hospitalized children. He has been extremely motivating for our children and always displays a very positive and uplifting presence.
I support Jeff’s performance that incorporates both humorous stories and song. His talent is truly amazing and leaves everyone with a sense of pride and optimism. Jeff istruly a unique and special person. Once you have had the privilege of meeting him, he will leav lasting impression.

G. Frank LaBonte, FACHE
Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Los Angeles, CA

Jeff Steinberg is an inspiring and gifted performer. As a child he was treated at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, and as an adult he contacted the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Los Angeles to offer his services to perform.

His show was professional, and very motivational! The audience that included our patients and their families and staff enjoyed his music, humor and energy. After the show, he signed autographs for everyone and talked with each of his new fans individually.

It is a pleasure working with Mr. Steinberg and I look forward to his next performance at our hospital.

Elizabeth Dever
Director of Public Relations & Volunteers
Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Los Angeles, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff & Ellen Steinberg through the Praise and Worship Ministry of our Church. Jeff provides an entertaining evening of inspiration and Worship that truly touches the heart.
Their blend of reverence and humor is a powerful tool in reaching people.
God has truly blessed him in his Ministry.

Rev. Wayne Marshall Senior Pastor
Longview Heights Baptist Church
Olive Branch, MS

We recently hosted Jeff & Ellen Steinberg at our church for a concert.  I would recommend them to other churches.  Jeff’s message of hope and overcoming difficulties is powerful. 

His own body is part of the message – deformed legs, no arms – holding the microphone with only a hook gives his message a credibility that hits home.

Hearing him sing the song “In All Things” and its phrase “...we are more than conquerors”  is especially moving. Seeing this man have an attitude of victory is humbling. We are reminded that our own petty problems are not the mountains we think they are and that we really have nothing to complain about. The children were with us in the service. I was careful to watch their reaction. Jeff held their attention the whole time. Our people responded well to both Jeff and Ellen. We are glad they came.

Dean Coonradt, Pastor
Oxnard Church of the Nazarene
Oxnard, CA

This belated thanks comes to say how much your ministry here at Westwood was felt and appreciated.
It is wonderful to know that we have persons of your great caliber...carrying the message of Salvation
from our loving Creator from Church to Church. God has gifted you to be an encourager of others
through spoken word and song. I pray God’s blessings and guidence for you in all of your work and Ministry. I know that God will use you to increase His Kingdom upon the earth.


It is a great pleasure for me to recommend Jeff & Ellen Steinberg for Ministry in your Church or organization. The Steinbergs recently brought music and word to our congregation as part of our Lenten series. Their music is uplifting and their message is heart moving. God uses Jeff in a mighty way to challenge people to be more than they think they can be. Overcoming his own physical handicaps through faith in God, Jeff is a powerful example for all of us of what God can do with a life yielded to Him. We were excited, inspired and challenged.

If you are considering the Ministry of Jeff & Ellen Steinberg, I believe you will be very pleased. God is blessing His people through these very gifted servants.

Rev. Steve Bennett
Westwood United Methodist Church
Cincinnati, OH

I want to say ‘Thanks’ to Jeff & Ellen Steinberg for the concert provided as part of our fund raising
here at the Lighthouse Vocational Services.

Their visit was very timely for the community and for my wife and me. The community was still very much in the process of finding our emotional and spiritual center in response to the events of 9/11/2001. My wife and I had just returned from Texas where we said a permanant goodbye to our four year grandson.
We learned that The Steinbergs went through a similar loss and this gave us something in common. Their concert touched heart chords relative to both of these concerns. We appreciated that they took the time to know and understand the people & community, and were responsive to our needs and issues.

The concert was a joyous, happy, thoughtful, challenging, prayerful, tearful and inspirational experience all rolled up in a personable and enriching evening.

Frank King, Executive Director
Lighthouse Vocational Services
New Holland, PA

Jeff Steinberg is a man of God with a heart to encourage as well as challenge the church to stand up and become all that God has created us to be in Christ.

Through Jeff Steinberg's gifts, creative talents, and sense of humor, our congregation received a wonderful blessing from the Lord. Jeff encourage and uplifted our hearts as he ministered to us in Word and in song. We are looking forward to Jeff's next visit with us.

I believe Jeff will be an encouragement to you as you open your doors for him to come and minister to your congregation.

Rev. Jim Hunt, Senior. Pastor
Daybreak Foursquare Church
Dansville, NY 14437

Last night we had Jeff Steinberg in our church. I had never heard him or of him before, so I wasn't totally sure what to expect, either from him or the response from our congregation. Well, It was a great night!
Jeff's ministry was dynamic - God really used him. Both last night and this morning I have been inundated with the most positive feedback from our congregation. They also want to know when he is coming back, and I was gladly able to tell them I had already scheduled him! I was ministered to as well. Our fellowship with his wife Ellen and friend Jeff, both before and after was also greatly appreciated. These are special people.

Schedule him without any hesitation, he has a real ministry from God with a fresh touch upon it. Jesus Christ was lifted up high in our sanctuary last night!

Rev. Dean M. Nowotny, Senior Pastor
Christian Assembly
Pittsfield MA

 NC Pentecostal Holiness Education  Logo.gif
The Ministry of Jeff Steinberg left an indelible impression on me, both in my mind and on my heart.

When I saw him, I expected his message to be pretty much based on his visible challenges. Instead, what I saw and heard was a man who is without any handicaps at all where it really matters - in the heart and in the spirit - and who is bursting with The Love of God.

He has a testimony that speaks to all of us, no matter who we are, no matter what our circumstances. With a combination of annointed singing, appropriate humor, and thought-provoking insight on life, his Ministry
has the potential to change lives of young and old alike. He will challenge, inspire, and enthrall all who hear him with his simple message that God loves each of us and is tranforming us into a Masterpiece’ of unique design. I would whole-heartedly commend the Ministry of Jeff Steinberg.

Rev. David C. Wheeler, Church Education Ministries Director
North Carolina Conference of The Pentecostal Holiness Church
Falcon, NC

Jeff Steinberg brought his message of music and testimony to our grounds many years ago and again a few times more recently. His vibrant personality, his deep Faith in The Lord and his ability to use
every ounce of what God has given him to Minister and to Praise The Lord are a challenge and an encouragement to everyone who hears his message.

God has done very unusual things to bring Jeff to where he is today, and his presentation reminds us that God is still at work today - not just many years ago but in a day by day way bringing us steadily toward Himself if we only respond.

We recommend Jeff’s Ministry because we know lives will be changed through his sharing with others.

David H. Northrup, Executive Dirrector
Alton Bay Christian Conference Center
Alton Bay, NH

A Steinberg Ministry is an event - a happening... I always come away from this presentation with a renewed inspiration to want to be “all that I can be” for the glory of God.

Rev. Bob Hett, Pastor
The Bay Church @ Alton Bay Christian Conference Center
Alton Bay, NH

What a delight to have you make an appearance at our recent, sold out national conference. Your message, through music, humor and testimony can embellish and heighten any youth, singles, coupless or family programs. Thanks...Jeff, for wonderfully demonstrating how the power of The Holy Spirit can make anyone a Masterpiece. I look forward to having you the future.

John Ashmen, Director of Member Services,
Christian Camping International / USA
Colorado Springs, CO

It is with great joy that I recommend.Jeff and Ellen Steinberg to you. Jeff is a true inspiration to me personally and to our Church family. The Steinbergs have been special members of our church since August of 1998. I am happy to be his pastor and to call them friends. I am sure that this ministry will touch the hearts of you and your people.

John Allen, Senior Pastor
Life Centre Foursquare Church
Pottsville, PA

Jeff Steinberg & Zig Ziglar .gifJeff Steinberg teaches how to make it on grit, gumption, God and an indomitable will to overcome severe physical limitations.
Zig Ziglar
Motivational Teacher / Author


When I was pastor of First United Methodist Church, Huntingdon, Tennessee, we were privileged to have Jeff Steinberg come and present a concert. This was indeed a very meaningful evening.  Jeff takes his gift of faith and music and presents a challenge to everyone who hears him.  It is my firm conviction that no one will ever be the same.

Rev. Dossie F. Wheatley
United Methodist Church District Superintendent
Middle Tennessee District

Jackson, TN

I have found Jeff Steinberg to be an excellent example of God’s Love and compassion.  Jeff’s testimony is heart-stirring and heart-searching. He is easy to work with and very effective. I recommend him for ministry.

William Ralph Painter, Senior Pastor
First Assembly of God
Goldsboro, NC

We have had Jeff Steinberg come several times in our Church to Minister. I highly recommend his Ministry to any Church that wants to be blessed. It is a Ministry that truly touches the hearts of everyone. His singing is awesome and his testimony is out of this world! One minute you’re crying and the next minute you’re falling out of your seat laughing. One thing is sure, have Jeff Steinberg and you will be challenged as never before to give God your all. He may be small in stature and his body may not be perfect, but when he steps up to the microphone, you’ll hear a big voice singing and Ministering The Word with Power and unction from Above!

Rev. Mark Gill, Pastor
Freetrade Church of God
Carthage, MS

Jeff Steinberg & The Couriers.gifJeff Steinberg has a unique ability to communicate with audiences of any age group. Because of his stature, children relate to him and listen with rapt attention when he talks about problems of life. Adults are captivated by his tenacity to function despite perceived disabilities. His claim, that people can have extreme disabilities in life without apparent physical problems, does not fall on deaf ears because it is true. Jeff is able to shock people out of their self-pity and helps them to live productive lives. His singing abilities only add to an event filed with humor, self examination and spiritual food. I dare you to experience Jeff Steinberg and his unique Ministry.  You will never be the same again.
Duane Nicholson, Tenor
The Couriers
A Dependable Name in Sacred Music Since 1955”
Dillsburg, PA

What a blessing and inspiration it was to attend The Steinbergs’ service at the Skowhegan Church of the Nazarene! We brought 15 of our young people (many who are newly saved!). They left the service impressed not only with Jeff’s positive attitude, but with his personal interaction with them ("He looked at me and smiled"; "Did you see him wink at me?"; "He was so funny!") As we spoke with several of the parents the next day (many of whom are unsaved), their kids had told them all about Jeff & Ellen Steinberg. We have committed to pray for The Steinbergs, family and your ministry. We are having them in 2001,
if Jesus should tarry! God Bless!

Pastor Wayne Hartsgrove, Pastor
Word of Life Assembly
Skowhegan, ME



 Reviews from Schools

"I would heartedly recommend that your school contact Jeff Steinberg for future motivational speakers.  Jeff was born with many physical handicaps but has not let them stop him from being an exceptional, dynamic person.  When Jeff spoke with the students of Westwood Heights, grades K-12, they were extremely captivated by what he had to say.  His rapport with children of all ages is evident, along with his message that there are no limits to what a person can do. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me at 787-1985."

Ward Elementary School'Brenda Battle-Jordan, Westwood Heights Board of Education

President 2008-2009, 2010 -2011
Dean Of The Board Of Education 2012 -2013  

"We were thrilled to have Jeff Steinberg perform at our school. His message was very uplifting to our students. He sang songs that were fun and encouraging; he had them laughing & thinking about their own unique possibilities and had them talking the rest of the day. Although he has no arms and what appear to be extreme physical limitations, his message to the students is that they are a “Masterpiece in Progress” left a huge impact. The students and teachers really enjoyed Jeff’s Assembly Presentation."

Ward Elementary School'
Wendy Brewington, Ed.D.,

Principal, Ward Elementary School

Ward Elementary School'Thanks again for the concert which was enjoyed by all. It raised 94.20 which for Thomas Wolsey School is really good and will be put towards new play equipment for our new school.
Some pupil comments: ‘He was lovely and funny. He sang that everyone is special and a Masterpiece In Progress.’ - Charley;
 ‘I really liked his songs and he was funny, especially his funny voices!’ - Anne;
‘Amazing, Brilliant, fantastic, exciting!!’ - Alice.
The 6th Form have been borrowing the CDs to play at lunch and break times and we will play them in assemblies. Thanks again to you and all the team for thinking of us and for giving us such a great afternoon!
Best wishes to you all,
Sarah Stott, Headmaster
Thomas Wolsey School for the Handicapped
Ipswich, Suffolk, ENGLAND UK


Jeff Steinberg is an inspiration to us all. Serving more than 500 individuals in Northwestern Pennsylvania with pysical, as well mental impairments, our instructors are continually trying to help them to see that they all have special talents. Jeff Steinberg has shown that it is possible for them to reach their goals in life. Each song was so uplifting. Our folks will be talking about your performance for quite a while. I wish more trainees and rehabilitation professionals could have the opportunity to meet you and enjoy your humor and positive attitude. I hope I willl get to see you again. I have nothing but adulation and praise for you and your family for making it a life’s endeavor to show persons with disabilities that there is hope.
Venango recommends Jeff Steinberg
Colleen A. Stuart, Executive Director
Venango Training and Development Center, Inc.
Seneca, PA




 Reviews from Prisons

I could not let your visit to my prison go without comment. I have been in working in prisons for almost 26 years and I have rarely seen the type of impact your visit had on prisoners during my service. You managed to show large groups of prisoners that the worst kind of pity that anyone can have is self pity. You are an inspiration to me personally and I hope that you will one day return to us to re-energise both my staff and prisoners who since you left have been buzzing about what they can do for themselves...fantastic event! Any Prison Governors considering booking Jeff and team it is well worthwhile. Has anyone ever told you that you sound a lot like me when you sing? Ha Ha. Fondest regards.
Mr. Wyn Jones, Governor
HMP Dovegate
Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ENGLAND UK

Prisoners are still talking about the Jeff Steinberg visit at HMP Lowdham Grange months after the event. This is a Testimony to the professional, powerful and enjoyable evening of a Christian event with a difference. When are they coming back? I am asked. The men from Closing the Gap Music ( took the strain out of co-coordinating such an event. They came, set up, performed, set down, and were out effectively and efficiently. Jeff Steinberg was profound speaking at a level that touched the audience enabling them to listen, engage, laugh and even cry. We look forward to next time.
Rev. Chris Knight, Chaplaincy Manager
HMP Lowden Grange
Nottingham,  ENGLAND UK

After his visit to HMP Buckley Hall in March 2007, Jeff Steinberg kindly sent us some of his CDs and his book which have become very popular with the prisoners. They talk about the inspiring concert he gave and the challenge to change which was posed for them saying things like: 'If someone like him can do all he's done what's to stop us doing whatever we want to?' When he visited us, he reached more men, more profoundly, in two hours than I have in 2 years! Unlike so many performers, who come and go and are rarely mentioned again, what Jeff brought to us is still a topic of conversation with the men on the landings. If he is able to visit the UK again I'll be trying to make sure Buckley Hall is one of the first places on his itinerary!

Rev. Gill Berry, Co-ordinating Chaplain
HMP Buckley Hall
Buckley Farm Lane
Rochdale Lancs, ENGLAND UK

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